Hello, my name is Abigail Frazier.



I am so glad you found my page and have a desire to know more about who I am and why this page exists!

Coming to college, I dreamed of becoming a photojournalist. I majored in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography, but later discovered I love writing more. Now as a Senior communication major and the news editor for my university’s paper, my love for writing has immensely grown.

Writing for a grade can be stressful, but also monumental when you see progress while being led by professors with incredible journalism experience. Through my university, I have had the blessing of being shaped and encouraged by some incredible creatives. Because of their influence and motivation they give me, my journey as a writer has grown out of the classroom and into a desire to have a creative outlet different than school articles and journaling.

That’s where The Weekly Critique comes in. This blog has been in the process for quite some time and might always be, but it is my personal outlet for creativity. It is a space I call my own where I give myself the freedom to unapologetically express the creativity within me.

Here, I share my passions in life through articles and photography.  Even though I changed my major years back, I still find the necessary time to integrate my creativity in where I desire. My greatest hope is that not only would this page interest you, but inspire and encourage your inner creative side as well. 

Again, thank you for coming to my page and I hope you enjoy reading!